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Black Monday (Showtime) - Best Winters TV Shows 2019

Black Monday (Showtime, January 20)

Showtime’s new black comedy chronicles the day of the financial crash—nope, not that one, but the one that happened on October 19, 1987, which still remains the worst stock market collapse in the history of Wall Street. Starring Don Cheadle and Andrew Rannells (a.k.a. Elijah from Girls), the show follows a group of outsiders who take on the Wall Street establishment and inadvertently cause the catastrophic crash. Even if you know nothing whatsoever about finance, this show looks fun as hell.
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Deadly Class (Syfy) - Best Winters TV Shows 2019

Deadly Class (Syfy, January 16)

If you’ve been waiting patiently ever since To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before for more Lana Condor, your time has come! She stars as one of a group of misfit youths who attend King’s Dominion, a secret academy for the Dark Arts where they’re trained to become assassins. Based on the comic series of the same name, the show also has plenty to offer Marvel movie aficionados: It’s executive produced by the Russo brothers, who’ve directed multiple Captain America and Avengers chapters, and stars MCU regular Benedict Wong as the school’s enigmatic headmaster.

Roswell, New Mexico - Best Winters TV Shows 2019

Roswell, New Mexico (The CW, January 15)

Do we really need another reboot? In the case of this smart, heartfelt reimagining of Roswell—based on the original books rather than the 1990s show—the answer is a resounding yes. The show centers on Liz Ortecho (Jeanine Mason), who returns to her sleepy New Mexico hometown after a decade away and reunites with her high school friend Max (Nathan Parsons), who’s been hiding his true identity as an alien all his life. Weaving together romance, thrills, and sci-fi with pointed digs at the Trump administration, this show is liable to become your new obsession.

True Detective, Season 3 HBO - Best Winters TV 2019

True Detective, Season 3 (HBO, January 13)

After an atmospheric and memorable first run, True Detective’s second season suffered a pretty dizzying drop in quality (never forget “It’s like blue balls…in your heart”). So there’s plenty of reason to be skeptical about this third season, but also a lot of reasons to be cautiously optimistic. Chief among them is Mahershala Ali, who plays a haunted detective investigating a macabre murder case that spans three decades. Throw in a co-writing credit from Deadwood creator David Milch, and several episodes directed by Jeremy Saulnier (Green Room), and I’m sold.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Best Winters TV Shows in 2019

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (NBC, January 10)

May of this year was a true rollercoaster ride for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a.k.a. one of network TV’s few true gems. In the space of 36 hours, the show was cancelled by Fox, mourned by fans, and rescued by NBC, where the sixth season will premiere in 2019. The initial 13-episode order has been expanded to 18, and though the season will feature the exit of Chelsea Peretti’s Gina, it’ll otherwise bring you all the hijinks you’ve come to expect from your favorite precinct.